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BHD is a curator of brands. We love to connect great ideas and make it happen. Big or small, we work to implement programs with partners and sponsorship opportunities while heightening brand awareness across the market. As the representative of a company ideal, we expertly engage in contractual negotiations. We frequently discuss tactical concepts with our clients as a sponsorship consultant. We strategize and we implement. BHD comes with the full package.

Our mandate is to provide high-quality advice and practical assistance to create exciting win-win campaigns for our clients. With 12 years of experience delivering successful programming in the arenas of culture, entertainment and nonprofit sectors, we also regularly partner with lifestyle and marketing influencers to enhance brand visibility. Every strategy we implement is in an effort to leverage our client, and achieve each one’s unique results.

The Work section provides an overview of clientele, events and sponsorship opportunities we’ve developed and created over the last 12 years.


We connect your brand with other brands, creating ultimate marketing synergy. Building the bridge for you, leveraging your strengths to create a winning narrative for both parties involved.


We build out custom travel experiences for your brand, expanding on your brand narrative, while creating unique content.


Leverage the power of word-of-mouth at scale through personalities that consumers already follow and admire. Whether online or offline we’ll find influencers that are aligned with your messaging.


Over the last 12 years, we’ve been lucky to partner with some of the best and brightest. Connecting the dots, bringing brands together and creating memorable partnerships. Here are some of our past and present projects.


We design meaningful and mutually beneficial sponsorship opportunities, brand partnerships and influencer marketing campaigns. We’ve worked with some of the most highly coveted brands across a multitude of industries. There’s nowhere we’re afraid to go. Our fearlessness has allowed us to connect many of our clients and has created unique experiences with some prestigious sponsorship,partnership and marketing opportunities.

We’ll take your idea and review everything. What’s been tried? What has worked? Sometimes, more importantly, what hasn’t worked? Where are you headed vs. where do you want to go? Every little bit of information helps, and we work to maximize a brand’s vision in whatever capacity we can.

An idea of what we take care of when partnering with BHD:

Defining overall target and goals

Having a clear aim begins to define the plan.

Strategic program development

Directed towards needs most suited to enhance the brand.

On-site management

Your eyes and ears from start to finish.

Discussing business and marketing objectives

Implementing the most effective partner and sponsorship opportunities (including rights and benefits, package pricing and customized category/target development)

Influencer Outreach

Finding and connecting with the right mavens.

Complete promotional execution and fulfillment

No task too big or too small for us.




Creating an online safe space to release our thoughts, opinions and reactions has always been at the basis of BHD. When we’re not working on our client’s events and sponsorship programs, we write about the topics and issues that matter to us.

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We are here to give you any information you need. Feel free to contact us.